Grounding yourself

Imagine it’s summertime. The sun is out, and there is barely a cloud in the sky. You’re walking barefoot through the sand on a beach. It feels amazing.

What you maybe didn’t realise is there is actually more going on here than what we usually think. It actually feels amazing for more than just the obvious reasons.

The other thing that is actually taking place in this scenario is that we are actually “earthing” or “grounding” ourselves.

The earth, naturally, is negatively charged, so when we are in nature and walking on the earth barefoot, we are connected to these negative particles, and we can feel their natural benefit.

However, in our modern world, not only do we were rubber soled shoes, and pave the roads, but also we have a lot of radiowaves and positively charged electricity hitting us from all these electronic devices such as TVs, computers, iphones, ipads etc.

When we walk barefoot on the grass or earth, we are actually reconnecting ourselves with that natural negative charge, and we are helping our bodies to get rid of all those unnatural charges that we have received.

Try to take a few minutes out of your day to go out into the garden, or a local park, and actually walk barefoot for a while. I guarantee you, it will feel great!

For some more information about grounding or earthing, you can have a look at this video: